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Application for Falling Rock and Avalanche Protection

Guard Cable, a.k.a. Cable Barrier

Wire rope used for a protective fence at highway and roads or used for protective net and fence for falling rock. The product being manufactured with either galvanized or zinc-aluminum coated wires.

KALG Rope (Zinc-Aluminum Coated Wire Rope)

For manufacturing Zinc-Aluminum Product, "KALG Rope" under our product name, specially made and designed plating machinery being used to manufacture thick coating on wire. This thick plating machinery being composed of gas-wiping system and special cooling process in order to apply thick coating on wire.
Generally speaking, Zinc-Aluminum coating has two to three times more on anti-corrosion characteristics compared to ordinary galvanization.. By thicker coating than ordinary galvanization, we have been able to provide further more anti-corrosive product "KALG Rope".


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